The CHEEKism Style

1147_No Strings attached for Miss Peggy

Over the years, I’m proud that as an artist I have created and adapted my own unique art style – CHEEKism. The art of Love…is…in the cheek.

Although to confine the term CHEEKism to art alone does not do it justice. For me, CHEEKism goes beyond the borders of art and permeates the realms of a ‘life’ style. I’d love to share with you the core of CHEEKism – and how CHEEKism is a part of my life every day. And I hope that as you learn more about CHEEKism, you may just begin to allow CHEEKism to enter your life too.


What is CHEEKism?
In its simplest form…it is capturing the essence of “CHEEK”, and then lovingly spreading it in whatever creative way you can.

I can freely say, I am the artist of cheeky love. Not the soppy, love-song type, but the kind that takes a firm hold of you and wraps its arms around the “whole” human experience. It’s the kind of love that finds the good in the so called “bad” – the “naughty” – which so often is the most fun.

Well, this has become my specialty. It comes from letting the paint talk through me and show how adorable our flaws can be. You know the ones…those imperfections that society tells us to reject in favour of something far less real, and definitely less CHEEKY.

CHEEKism helps you stay focused on the positive, the light, the love in any situation, which I have found is always the better place to BE! I surround myself with beauty and laughter, squeezing the bitterness out of those rotten lemons that life can serve you. It’s in the ability to allow that creative cheek to be at the seat of most of your thoughts which inevitably inspires a more playful life.


A few ingredients of CHEEKism:
1. CHEEK Spreading
2. CHEEKY is often seen as rude they say
3. CHEEKY is described as flashy and fun
4. CHEEKY is known to be bold and colourful
And it’s ALL made with Loviz

1. CHEEK Spreading

1401_Hanging around for more Bubbles

Cheek has given me so much joy in life and I want to share that joy. It was the cheek that helped me to rise above the crappy parts of life. Cheek is the doorway to lightness.

I believe in finding enlightenment through lightness.

There is actually nothing more to do. It’s simple. Just stay focused on ‘hanging out’ near the light. Be light, be love, laugh at yourself and you’ll find life laughs right alongside you.

So I hope to see you spreading your cheek too.

2. CHEEKY is often seen as rude they say

butt curves

Well yes, I guess I could admit to this as I paint lots of bare butts & curvaceous curves.

Believe it or not, I often start a painting with a big bouncy butt. Yes it’s one of my favourite lines to draw, followed by the torso and legs of the female body. Those first few lines set the scene for the entire painting and it’s one of the most magical moments when creating art.

But why lots of Butt shaped Lines?
Quite simply, big curves make me feel fluid, fun and totally free. Some people are linear, some curvy. I have simply given my creative expression full freedom to be what it needs to be. Look closely and hiding in the cracks of my Butt Shaped curves you will find double or even triple meanings executed with a surreal twist and multi-layers, winking at you while they wait to be deciphered. The infinite ‘buts’ I’ve encountered over the years have helped me to accept ALL aspects of life.

Viewing the situations life dishes you up with a ‘but’ gives you an alternative, a contrasting opposite – and it is a powerful device that has offered me a true sense of peace. I brand all my Butt Shaped curves with a hidden secret or two to reflect the brilliant duality of our own ‘buts’ in life.The Butt shape comes naturally and can be found everywhere. Even the innocent flower cannot escape the big bouncy curves that fall from the first charcoal line my hand wields as it dominates a blank canvas.

As a child I would paint voluptuous mermaids…nothing has changed. I was destined for curves and a big butt.

3. CHEEKY is described as flashy and fun

1454_A Can Can Party in my Pants

It’s my life I CAN CAN do whatever I want.

If my art was a dance, it would be the Can Can. High energy, strong, liberated women dancing to the vibrant colours of life with lots of cheek flashing.

I don’t know why I paint women so often. I don’t question it anymore, I just do what the art tells me and trust it. This Can Can attitude is in all of my artworks, it oozes from the canvas and hopefully inspires (and energises) the people who view it.

My mission is to create a world that is more colourful, more cheeky, more creative. And not just through paint. I believe in living the art too. I bring my painted world into reality. This is why I have held many events that let people live the art with a super-sized wine glass to lie in or chandelier to swing from. I am bringing like-minded people together and building a cheeky community that can laugh out loud a lot.

4.CHEEKY is known to be bold and colourful

1364_A Juicy Life

My love of colour almost scares me. I am constantly looking for ways to push colour to the max, intensifying its vibrancy and radiating its character.

I studied colour by literally bathing in it, wearing & eating each colour for a week at a time. The results were astounding. Colour changed my energy levels, my mood. Some may say my use of colour is a bit extreme but I know that colour genuinely influences each and every one of us. It is a vital part of who I am and what I paint.

I use pure colours of varied art materials, multi-layered with glazes, mediums, natural crystals and sparkles in order to create a texture that permits light to play with the underlying colour and bring a painting to life. Having experimented with all sorts of materials & techniques, it took many years to develop and refine my unique layering process. Finally by 2003, I could truly call this painting style my own.

There are many layers to my art – physically, mentally and spiritually. Each piece holds a myriad of gifts, to be discovered at different times and stages throughout life.

I purposely hide messages or double/triple meanings for you to unravel. And on top of that I pour so much love into every artwork that you are bound to feel a few kisses land on your cheeks the deeper you look.

…And it’s ALL made with Loviz

Often people ask if I was born with this name.

I tell them “Yes, but I had to get married & divorced to find it”. Whaaaat? Well my maiden name was Vozila. When I married I changed my name, but it was when I divorced that I realised I didn’t want either of my past names. Yet I wanted to use the letters from my maiden name, reference the underlying person that I am.

So I simply rearranged the letters – dropped the ‘a’ and re-created myself as Loviz.

Which means I was born with it, but I just had to jiggle it around a bit to uncover Loviz (pronounced “Love is”). It represents the message I feel I was born to share – ‘Love is’. ‘Love is’ is what I stand for. It’s inside us ALL, when we operate from this heart space, life simply is harmonious. The way I spread my ‘Love is’ is a bit cheeky, but I know that’s my truth.

People say we are Artworks in Progress, I think not, I believe we are Masterpieces unravelling unto each other. As we are ALL made up of love, LOVE IS our core, something we ‘unravel’ over time. I found that ‘love is’ my greatest joy in ALL, and I want to spread the message that makes ‘love is’ cause Loviz who I am.
Love, Loviz

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