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P722 Dance of the Selves

Why do I paint so many girls?

25-11-2002 | Category :

Truthfully I don’t want to know why I paint so many girls in my artworks. I just love the way they fall out of me and that trust in creativity is all I need as a good reason to keep painting them.


Yet I do want to share my love and acceptance for tapping into these various characters in my paintings. I believe every type of character lives inside us, it’s just that we operate from a handful of dominant ones.

It was in 2001 after studying PSYCHOLOGY OF THE SELVES & VOICE DIALOGUE at The Australian Institute for Relational Training. This is where I began to really understand how we all have access to all of these personalities and accepting ALL PARTS OF OURSELVES is the key.

This newfound  knowledge filtered into my artworks and from then I get the biggest tickle in my belly when I watch spectators attach themselves to certain characters in my paintings. I love that they can see themselves in the art, because that’s how we should see ourSELVES, as real life artworks.


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