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26-12-1992 | Category :

Within a few months of Tanya starting her Fine Arts Course, she was asked to run a children’s art class at Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre, and that she did. From there on she developed her skills in many different ways including the playful art of turning industrial waste into art. “It was the most interesting job, as each week new and really interesting materials would come in & I had to work out even more interesting ways to turn it into something artful, and teachable to students of all kinds.”

Tanya taught art and craft regularly for many years in community based locations, often running 10 week courses with group exhibitions to understand many aspects of art. Also working with many centres for people with disabilities, helping to develop careers in art for a few.

1992 TEACHING CHILDREN’S ART CLASSES -Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre

1994 – 1998 TEACHING ART with recycling group Reverse Garbage, taught people how to turn industrial waste into art.

1997 GRANT FOR TEACHING “Art for Tomorrow” Teaching how to turn recycled materials into art.

1997 GRANT FOR TEACHING Teaching a 16 week course on Drawing the Human figure.

1997 GRANT FOR TEACHING Large banner project for people with disabilities, and multiple classes continued, spanning over 3 years.

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