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Light a Candle, Make a Wish!

01-10-2015 | Category :

“If you had a magic lantern that granted your wishes what would you do with it?”

This is the CHEEKY question that Tanya poses when you choose from the amazing new range of Loviz Scented Candles – a new line of home decor art products exclusively from Loviz Arts Gallery.

Art is an experience that’s meant to delight all the senses, which is why Tanya has developed the Loviz Scented Candles.

With over 2o stunning fragrances to choose from, each candle is adorned with its very own Loviz work of art – which means you can now have some Loviz in every room of your home!

Presented in a beautiful, lidded glass jar that you can reuse, the candles are so much more than scent-makers. Each candle also comes with 3 wish cards. Simply write down your heart’s desire and place it under the candle before you light it. And remember – sometimes our wishes come true in the least expected ways.

The Loviz Scented Candle range offers gorgeous and truly unique fragrances such as Strawberries & Champagne, Coconut & Lime, Japanese Honeysuckle, French Pear and even Fresh Coffee! You’ll adore them all – the hardest decision will be choosing which ones to buy!

For an extra infusion of positive energy, in every candle there is a natural crystal that has been chosen by Tanya to ideally complement each beautiful fragrance.

Candles are $30 in a glass jar or you can buy candle melt blocks for $10.

Christmas Special!

For a limited time, we are offering a special Candle & Cards Christmas Set – perfect for Christmas gifts or just an excuse to pamper yourself:

– Buy 1 Candle (or 3 Melts) and receive 1 free Loviz Arts Greeting Card.
– Buy 2 Candles (or 6 Melts) and receive 5 free Loviz Arts Greeting Cards
– Or buy 3 Candles (or 9 Melts) and receive 10 free Loviz Arts Greeting cards.

Drop into the Loviz Arts Gallery today to scoop up your Candle & Cards Christmas Set (offer ends December 21).


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