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In Bed With Loviz Launch (26)

“In Bed with Loviz”

25-08-2011 | Category :

“In Bed with Loviz”, an event where 13 Muses where captured in paint by Tanya as a Liberating experience for women celebrating their curves, held in the Hunter Valley.

For one whole day 13 woman did playfully explore being a luscious women and were immortalised into a group painting by Artist Tanya Loviz.

Tanya guided them through the Hunter Valley vineyards, accessing exclusive areas, tasting wines and divine foods from the region.

The 13 lucky ladies were required to hop into bed with Miss Loviz…WHAT?!…You may be thinking… Yet it is all completely innocent though…Simply a series of great photos of women posing in their favourite Lingerie, corset, or wearing anything sexy in a big bed with Tanya. Inevitably they had a pillow fight and danced on, in and around the gorgeous house that Tanya had chosen in the Hunter.

Watch the video for a thorough description of the way the art tells the true story.

1353_In Bed with Loviz

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