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“Immortalised in Paint” at the Carrington Hotel

25-07-2010 | Category :

Where 21 Muses where captured in paint by Tanya as a spectacular event spending 2 weekends at the grand old Carrington Hotel in Katoomba, Blue Mountains, Australia.

This was an exhibition like no other as Tanya had captured in Paint an incredibly indulgent weekend with 21 delightful people at the Carrington Hotel.  On the 13th of March 2010, they lived the art; they posed, danced, drank, sang, laughed and so much more as Tanya soaked up the experiences and turned them into paintings that you can now view.

At the Art Exhibition Opening; 12th June 2010, we watched the fabric fall as Tanya unveiled and discussed these paintings briefly, people got to meet the 21 muses. It was complimented with a Wintery Balloon display and live music. Born was the Largest Loviz painting ever created…4.5 metres x 1 metre

“I have captured one of the most moving moments at the IIP event. Drummers playing as we danced in masquerade on the Piazza of the Carrington Hotel, it is a delightfully colourful playful piece that I tried to make as grand as The Carrington hotel.”

This was a truly colourful historic event captured in paint.

View the video and photos below to see if you can find the connections of the event intertwined into the paintings.



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