Happy Cheeks

We gave happy cheeks to lots of people over the years… see what they have to say below


“But firstly to all of the people who really ‘get the art’, live the art and collect the art, thank you, thank you, thank you.

Your belief has supported me so I could live solely from painting over the many years. I feel so very blessed to share my gifts and receive gifts.

Collecting Loviz Art is a unique experience for many people including myself. I have become close to many collectors while painting them, working together on projects or socialising with them at openings or events, many beautiful friendships are continuing to develop.

I look forward to exploring the art of life with you ALL!”     xxx Tanya Loviz



“I love my painting, I just love it and as I said the lights on the paintings make it look fantastic” 

Angela Elliot



“Just a quick note to tell you of my pure delight at getting my painting home and putting her on the wall.  ‘Dessert Rose’ looks absolutely amazing.  The picture winks and smiles at me all day. The colours are a perfect match and really suit our bedroom.  The hues and colours change with different lightings that come into the room and of course which lighting I choose to put on and with that so does the story that the painting tells.  I just love it so much. Also my husband Warwick thinks it is fabulous too, as do friends that have been up  to have a look. 

Thank you so much and I will be sure to stay in touch.  Happy painting!!!”

Chris Murray xxxx



It is really a great love story intertwined with your paintings and lots of cheeky little red.  I tried to get it to a few sentences… “I didn’t know if I would ever see him again. From across the world he sent me a CD of him playing guitar.  Also in the bubble wrap was a framed print of Tanya Loviz, ‘Honey…it’s not always in words’.  I brought the print back with me and it hangs over our bed to this day.”





“I absolutely love your work, every time I see one of your pieces it makes me smile, it makes me want to be right there in the picture, like there is that little thing missing in my life and there it is you capture it in every piece 🙂 🙂 Thank you for making my day with every piece you post”

Michelle Oehlert



“Tanya’s cheeky art inspires me to create, allows me to be my cheeky self, and empowers me to let honesty show in my artistic pursuits…”

Andrew Convery 🙂




I become that sexy, sultry woman with a hint of pout…… AND I LIKE IT!

Adore your artwork,”

Marcia Southers



“I just love having Tanya’s voluptuous ladies scattered around the house, there’s never enough big bums to go around 🙂
Thanks for your beautiful work”

Katie Faulkner


“Superb, just a completely wonderful experience with a great group of people & a great way to enjoy & appreciate art.”

 Melissa Jenson- attended many Loviz Events



“Tanya Loviz Arts always puts a smile on my dial”

Michelle x




“Today has been the most incredible day. Dressing up for photos and having the grandchildren paint a picture for me. This day will live on forever in all of us.”

Wendy-lou Tisdell – after her Arty Party




“Tanya’s art allows me to escape in the moment. Upbeat, positive and inspiring.  Making happy souls smile bigger.”

Maria Kokkoris



“If your art was Champagne  I’d sit under a shady tree all day and sip on it. it tickles my fancy and sparkles my world”

Karen Walters



 “We recently became acquainted with Tanya’s work on a trip down to the Blue Mountains for the Winter Magic festival and what magic we found when we walked into the gallery. My wife fell in love with nearly everything in the store and had to be all but carried out of the store. We ordered four pieces on the Monday for our new home two days later, after hours of pouring over the photos on the net we made a decision and ordered away. My wife has been impatiently waiting and was thrilled when “Getting Me Wet”, “In Joy” “Phoenix” and “Let the Present Dance” turned up. To say we are thrilled is an understatement the art will provide a happy cheeky vibe to our new home. The pictures just make you smile, the colours jump at you and make you want to grin. The women depicted are gorgeous, cheeky and feel real with a hint of fantasy. We’re excited to start our Tanya Loviz collection and look forward to adding more pieces to our collection, thanks for making the gloom of winter heat up Tanya our otherwise beige walls are hot hot hot!!”

With thanks for a happy wife

James B from Orange




“Your art has shown me that the world can be magical. That life isn’t just about logic…., that the heart, creativity, colour and depth are the things that make us warm and smile…..that truly make it a full and rounded life.”

 Olly V…



“Once in a lifetime experience”

 Kerrie Barnes-attended the Immortalised in Paint Project



“A BIG Thank you to Tanya & Co. An artistic time we had. lot’s of new fun memories made. A wonderful way to spend time together.”

Michelle, Shelley, Deb, Mandi – after an Arty Party



 “Hi folks,
we just wanted to tell you how much joy Tanya’s pieces are bringing to so many people over here in the UK .
My name is Russel and myself and my partner Rick had the great joy of purchasing 3 of Tanya’s originals while we were living in Sydney (after moving there from Florida)…This year we moved to the UK to live for a year or two….one of our scariest worries was transporting our “Loviz’s” . Thankfully they arrived perfectly!!!!

In our business, we entertain a lot and Tanya’s  work is always at the forefront of conversations  as soon as people see our pieces!!The “Phoenix” has pride of place in the manor hall and people are totally gobsmacked by it!!My personal favourite is “Fallen Angel of Gold” which hangs beautifully in the large bar area…… Tanya ,  we just thought that you should know how much joy your work brings to people in this rather dull part of the world (oops did I say that out loud ) ….. We are asked at least weekly, to sell both of these large pieces but would not part with them at all !! Our other tiny piece is one of Tanya’s early pieces …with two emu intertwined at the necks (this was our first piece and introduction to the fabulousness that is Loviz’… all great pieces …. You should show and sell here!! It is so different to what is available here. I AM SURE IT WOULD BE GREAT FOR YOU. I wish we were in Australia as we would love to have been a part of a sitting … perhaps in one of my large drag configurations (Maybe that will jog your memory a little Tanya)

Thanks for taking the time to read … I hope the new gallery goes well!!”

Russ & Rick



“I would definitely recommend others to be part of anything Tanya organises. It truly was amazing and life changing. We have made lifelong friends, had the most unreal experiences with things we would never otherwise have had the opportunity to do.”

 Lisa Nicolls– attended the Immortalised in Paint Project



  “Chance of a lifetime, lifetime of awesome friends”

Brian Cox- attended the Immortalised in Paint Project



“I adored getting to meet a fabulous group of people on so many levels, it was fantastic, the painting will always remind me. The drummers touched my soul and the exhibition was energetic. Tanya my dear painting is exquisite and will be treasured forever in my home, in my heart. Thanks for everything.”

 Kathy B- attended many Loviz Events




“A great Privilege to share a life experience with a fantastic group. From the Unveiling of the artwork to the photos shared with the beat of the drums. I took in everyone’s anticipation for each other. To see the passion & endurance of Tanya’s work & love in such a short time is incredible. I would recommend to anyone a chance to share the ride we had. Well done and Thank you!!

 David Barnes- attended the Immortalised in Paint Project




“It gave me the once in a life time experience to become the artists muse and to experience the amazing talent of Tanya.”

 Lizzy Caines- attended the Immortalised in Paint Project




“It helped me gain 23 close friends who will always be a part of my life!!!  I would recommend everyone to do this, it’s an amazing way for one to lose themselves and try things they never would.”

 Silvana Trost- attended the Immortalised in Paint Project

POEM for the Viewer

We are all Artworks in progress,
I think not,
We are ALL Master pieces unravelling unto each other.
This is what I paint
And everything we see
ALL the same
Just from a different view
The viewer I had to Be
To paint what you see
You view mine
Or the Yours, that was expressed
Through an unknowable time….

So Now….Tell me, what exactly do you see?

Written 3/8/2010
by Tanya Loviz

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