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Founder of ‘Art on Tap’ arts group

24-12-1992 | Category :

In 1992 Tanya formed an arts group “ART ON TAP” consisting of over 50 artists that generated more art activity in her local area for that year. It all started when she was selected to be part of the committee for The Youth Arts & Skills Festival, which distributed $40,000 to various groups for art projects.

This was such a growth period for Tanya, as she discovered the many opportunities and support that community groups and institutions offered and took the opportunities that these platforms provided. Working with TAFE, Libraries, schools, community groups/centres, art centres, and government/council bodies to hold a large variety of art activity for this group to benefit and learn from.

Art on Tap, received a grant to hold the below events:
*Forming a formal committee for the group
*3 Framing Workshops
*Sculpture Workshop
*Aerosol Art workshop
*3 Painting & Sculpture Exhibitions
*Dance Performance
*Children’s Art Session
*Lecture on Committee roles
*Producing the Recycled Paper Performance which was shown on Channel 10, it included the manufacturing of the backdrop, a 2 metre puppet, props and costumes.

So as you might be able to tell from the above that Tanya has lots of drive, which is why she felt that 1992 left her armed with enough knowledge to kick-start her adventures as an artist. She left her Fine Arts TAFE Course and travelled the coast of Western Australia for 15 months with art folder under her arm and drifted on a sea of inspiration…never looking back.

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