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1617_Mother's Nature 114x30cm $2350



You and your friends are welcome to celebrate Tanya’s 25 years of painting with 25 new artworks, classic art from her very first exhibition, bubbles, nibbles and lots of laughs as per usual. Read more about CHEEKISM>>>

OPENING: Saturday 4th November 2017   12-8pm  (New art will be on display until sold)

CLASSIC ART WALL: Originals from her very first exhibition, photos and videos on show throughout November.

Loviz Arts Gallery, 281 Great Western Hwy, Warrimoo, NSW  T:02 4753 6123 | 0412 305 413. View map >>> 


25 BRAND SPANKING NEW ARTWORKS will be available which display a surprising new technique that’s forming the base layers of these really unique artworks. Inspired by the magnificence of our Australian landscapes, 12 of these originals were started 10 years ago while Tanya was travelling around Oz in 2007. Tucked away in her art case for a long time, they were silently waiting to be completed.

These pieces capture the raw beauty of Australia, mashed up with the typical Loviz cheek you would expect. There are also quite a few small originals that explore her new technique – starting from $250.


A CLASSICS WALL will be on display throughout November. We invite you to compare some of Tanya’s 25-year old originals from her very first exhibition to the most recent originals.

You can see how she’s still painting her wild and free voluptuous women. Discover many unexpected things about her journey that has moulded her unique Cheekism style. There’ll be videos and slideshows of the many, many .. many stages she’s gone through with her crazy artist events, plus watch the slideshow of her 1,641 paintings… if you dare.

So save the date and don’t miss this really special event.

Compare Tanya’s style transition in these two paintings.
more than 25 years apart, they showcase how her style has transformed yet the wild, free women are still dominating her brush strokes.

Both these paintings will be on display at the Cheekism – 25 Years in the Making Exhibition.

This painting is entitled: "The Strength of Freedom". It was first exhibited 25 year ago at Tanya's first exhibition. 
This painting is entitled: “The Strength of Freedom”. It was first exhibited 25 year ago at Tanya’s first exhibition.
This second painting is entitled: "Autumn Fire Angel". It's one of the paintings exhibited at her most recent exhibition.
This second painting is entitled: “Autumn Fire Angel”. It’s one of the paintings exhibited at her most recent exhibition.



Tell us in 25 words – or as many as you need to express your thoughts – how Tanya’s art has enhanced your space, your heart, your life and you could win one of 25 small paper prints of your choice.  View details >>>





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