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P775 REARrange

Commissioned to create 100 Artworks

24-06-2002 | Category :

This is an artist’s dream and this did happen to Tanya in 2002. ┬áThe director of Artevo, known as Artists of the World back then, saw her art in a cafe in Newtown, NSW Australia and contacted her to buy every artwork she made for a year. This allowed him to create a large giclee reproduction range and sell them through the three story gallery in Calgary, Canada, and beyond.

“It was like I was living in a movie, it took so long to accept that this was really happening, but when that first payment went in, I quit my part-time bar job and delved so deep into the art, I think I went to heaven. This was the year that I started living off my art and haven’t stopped since. “

See some of the artworks that were made for this.
P691 Tears of Love

P687 Between Worlds

P656 Hunters of Sensuality


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