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“Cheers to Life!” Exhibition – Our first 100% online exhibition

10-11-2016 | Category :

Tanya is pioneering in the art arena and holding her first ever fully online exhibition.

The inspiration behind this exhibition came from a period of change for Tanya. That time of change when life is wanting to show you something new, but at first it doesn’t feel right and you question whether you are on the right path. Then POW, it suddenly makes sense, as if the universe has popped open a bottle of champagne!

“I’m so excited to be able to present my artworks in this way as I can share the hidden secrets, the luscious thick texture and unique crystals that I use in each piece through video which makes it so accessible to so many people. I also want people to feel as if they are at an exhibition opening and ask me questions so they get to understand the core of the inspiration and the process. So please send me your questions.

So “Cheers to Life!” isn’t so much about drinking as it is about drinking in the joy of life and the wonder of the journey.

And being an online exhibition, you get to enjoy the vibrancy of the art – the richness of colour, that is so much a part of Tanya’s exhibits – in the comfort of your own home! Check out the videos on each artwork as Tanya reveals the little details and takes you up close and personal to each painting.

These wonderful originals can be delivered straight to your door (postage included within Australia).

Browse the exhibition and add to your art collection now.

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