“Cheers to Life!” Exhibition – Our first 100% online exhibition

10-11-2016 | Category :

Tanya is pioneering in the art arena and holding her first ever fully online exhibition. The inspiration behind this exhibition came from a period of change for Tanya. T.

Resting in the Light of Crystal

The Ravenous Artist competition….enter now!

30-06-2016 | Category :

Since closing the gallery at the end of last year, Tanya's studio looks like it has become home to a very long and vivid game of paint ball! As a result of her fantastic, colourful frenzy, she has .

Oil with a Chilli Twist

BITE ME! Exhibition in Orange

30-06-2016 | Category :

It's the every day things that can have the biggest impact on an artist. Tanya discovered a divine deli, was 'bitten' by the cheese and wine bug and inevitably a new food series was born. Her .

1522_Reflections branching out

Announcing the Gallery Trail

09-04-2016 | Category :

While we may have closed our Faulconbridge gallery at the end of last year, 2016 has proven to be an exciting and very busy time .


Masks and Fun!

30-10-2015 | Category :

The Loviz Unmasked exhibition opening event was a spectacular evening, where masks (and fun) were the order the night! Guests really took to the theme, adorned with everything from beautif.


Light a Candle, Make a Wish!

01-10-2015 | Category :

"If you had a magic lantern that granted your wishes what would you do with it?" This is the CHEEKY question that Tanya poses when you choose from the amazing new range of Loviz Scented Ca.

Honey CRW

Oh Honey Honey!

12-06-2015 | Category :

Not only does the latest sparkling wine from Cargo Road Wines feature Tanya's artwork, but so does the new Cargo Road Wines home-grown honey! .


Art for Penrith Panthers

25-04-2014 | Category :

We were so proud to be part of such a decadent and cheeky refurbishment for Dom's Cocktail Lounge in 2014. (more.

Clean Up

2013 Bushfire Initiative – Donating $100,000 worth of art

25-11-2013 | Category :

Loviz Arts donated $100,000 worth of art to help raise funds for the bushfire victims in the Blue Mountains area and Tanya started the "Let's ROCC" initiative (Rebuild our Community Colourfully)  .

1423_Come Fly with Me

Official Artist for the Blue Mountains Crossings

25-05-2013 | Category :

Tanya was appointed as the official artist for the Blue Mountains Bicentenary Crossings and Australia's largest civilian Flyover 2013. Tanya Loviz is the official artist for the Blue Mountains Bic.


Art hops onto Cruise Liners

25-08-2012 | Category :

Tanya’s artworks hopped on board the P&O Princess Ships in 2012, reproductions of select paintings were being sold exclusively by them, then a little later they also jumped onto the Royal Caribb.

B&S jpeg

In the Telegraph’s Body & Soul Magazine

26-11-2011 | Category :

Tanya was featured as the mum in profile in Body & Soul magazine with lots of insight into how Tanya approaches parenting in creative ways. .

Tanya in Sunday Telegraph

TV Personality claims art as fave belonging

26-05-2011 | Category :

Entertainment reporter Nula Hafner, well known on Seven Network's Sunrise Show, claims her Tanya Loviz artwork as her number one belonging. Tanya was commissioned to create an artwork of Nula by Nu.

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