Tanya in glass (8)

Turning 40 in a Big Glass

13-12-2010 | Category :

I felt I was born to be 40, this is the age that I knew would fit me best, where life made the most sense. (mo.


Paintings of a Hauntingly Beautiful Voice

25-11-2007 | Category :

Inga Liljestrom is a singer and composer with an intricately beautiful soul. Her music touched the deepest part of my being when I needed it most. .

P722 Dance of the Selves

Why do I paint so many girls?

25-11-2002 | Category :

Truthfully I don't want to know why I paint so many girls in my artworks. I just love the way they fall out of me and that trust in creativity is all I need as a good reason to keep painting them. .

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