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“Bring your Bubbles on Board”…Exhibition & Masquerade Ball

25-09-2012 | Category :

This was an elaborate Ball and exhibition with various activities, performers and a feast for all senses held at The Carrington Hotel, Katoomba, NSW Australia.

The art came to life with fairy floss trees, chocolate eggs served in birds nest, lavish costumes and masks, intriguing entertainers and lots of colourful delights to tantalise your senses.

At 6.30 pm The Grand Ball began with deliciously playful banquet, sweet food was pegged onto an artwork and as you ate, the naked art bodies were revealed, how naughty.

We had Arty Party Games, like conniving blind fold food tasting games and many joined in with traditional 1800’s style dance.

The video and pictures speak volumes, enjoy.

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