fly by wire cd 06

Fly by Wire CD Cover

25-02-2006 | Category :

Fly by Wire is a home grown Sydney rock band with an adorable truthful attitude that leaves you uplifted after listening to their music. .

home page wine image

Art Wine Labels

25-08-2003 | Category :

It all started in 2003, when Katoomba Wines created a large range of Tanya's art onto their wine labels. From there it simply grew like the grape vines, .

P722 Dance of the Selves

Why do I paint so many girls?

25-11-2002 | Category :

Truthfully I don't want to know why I paint so many girls in my artworks. I just love the way they fall out of me and that trust in creativity is all I need as a good reason to keep painting them. .

P775 REARrange

Commissioned to create 100 Artworks

24-06-2002 | Category :

This is an artist's dream and this did happen to Tanya in 2002.  The director of Artevo, known as Artists of the World back then, saw her art in a cafe in Newtown, NSW Australia .


Teaching Art Creatively

26-12-1992 | Category :

Within a few months of Tanya starting her Fine Arts Course, she was asked to run a children's art class at Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre, and that she did. .

17 energy of ecstacy exhibition

Very First Exhibition 1992

25-12-1992 | Category :

My very first Solo-Exhibition was “The Energy of Ecstasy through the eye of Jupiter” at the School of Arts Building NSW Australia. I love sharing photos of my really early works .

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