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In the Telegraph’s Body & Soul Magazine

26-11-2011 | Category :

Tanya was featured as the mum in profile in Body & Soul magazine with lots of insight into how Tanya approaches parenting in creative ways. .

In Bed With Loviz Launch (26)

“In Bed with Loviz”

25-08-2011 | Category :

"In Bed with Loviz", an event where 13 Muses where captured in paint by Tanya as a Liberating experience for women celebrating their curves, held in the Hunter Valley. .

Tanya in glass (8)

Turning 40 in a Big Glass

13-12-2010 | Category :

I felt I was born to be 40, this is the age that I knew would fit me best, where life made the most sense. (mo.

Loviz unleashed (77)

“Unleashed” exhibition & event

25-10-2010 | Category :

An event to unleash the cheekiness within everyone, encouraging dress ups and living the art at this very unique exhibition. .

IIP (19)

“Immortalised in Paint” at the Carrington Hotel

25-07-2010 | Category :

Where 21 Muses where captured in paint by Tanya as a spectacular event spending 2 weekends at the grand old Carrington Hotel in Katoomba, Blue Mountains, Australia. .

ICE  (1)

Art on Fiona Joy CD Cover

25-02-2007 | Category :

We were so thrilled to hear that Fiona Joy recently wrote the track 'Grace' on the album Winds of Samsara, that won Best New Age Album at the 2015 Grammy Awards. .

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