Ball (1)

“Bring your Bubbles on Board”…Exhibition & Masquerade Ball

25-09-2012 | Category :

This was an elaborate Ball and exhibition with various activities, performers and a feast for all senses held at The Carrington Hotel, Katoomba, NSW Australia. .


Art hops onto Cruise Liners

25-08-2012 | Category :

Tanya’s artworks hopped on board the P&O Princess Ships in 2012, reproductions of select paintings were being sold exclusively by them, then a little later they also jumped onto the Royal Caribb.

Sparkling Zinfandel

Art Wine Label Launch & Exhibition 2012

07-07-2012 | Category :

Yet another Loviz artwork landed onto a Cargo Road Wines Wine bottle in 2012 at the "Angels or No Angels" Wine label Launch and Exhibition. .

Contemplating the Accessories

Ode to Marie Antoinette

25-06-2012 | Category :

Laying on a friends couch with a reasonable hangover after a Melbourne Cup party a  friend appropriately introduced me to the delightful movie, "Marie Antoinette", written & directed by Sofia Cop.

Cobbys Weekend 30_9_11 - 2_10_11_187

Dancing Masks in the Hunter Valley

02-01-2012 | Category :

This event was inspired by the Venetian masks that were brought back from the "Deep Roots" Tour that I did in Croatia & Italy to understand my family roots. .

On Top Of Spaghetti (28)

On Top of Spaghetti

01-01-2012 | Category :

This was a very me.

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