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Art Wine Labels

25-08-2003 | Category :

It all started in 2003, when Katoomba Wines created a large range of Tanya’s art onto their wine labels. From there it simply grew like the grape vines, with her art gracing other vineyards’ wines while Tanya would paint many exhibitions inspired by the wine and vineyard theme itself.

To date, over 50 images have been used and these are the vineyards that have had Loviz art on their wine labels currently or at some point ; Cargo Road Wines, Thistle Hill, Dudley Wines, Kelman Vineyard, Noonji Estate, Winmalee High School fund raiser, Katoomba Wines.

See the photos below of a few samples of the different vineyards labels.


Tall label Shiraz front


WINE LABELS KAtoomba wines

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