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Sparkling Zinfandel

Art Wine Label Launch & Exhibition 2012

07-07-2012 | Category :

Yet another Loviz artwork landed onto a Cargo Road Wines Wine bottle in 2012 at the “Angels or No Angels” Wine label Launch and Exhibition. The artwork image “No Angels’ was placed on the very unique ‘Sparkling Zinfandel’ very few vineyards in Australia grow these grapes, let alone turn them into a deep rich red sparkling wine…amazing.

At the launch, to coincide with the new ‘No Angels’ Artwork label, we encouraged people to come dressed in Black or White and show us which side they favour, the forces of Light or Dark…ha ha haaa… Yet we discovered that it was the RED in between that brought out either side with more ease…Just one sip will do it…

Every year, the first week in July, Cargo Road Wines launches there new wines with a feast of food and wine and we are often there with an exhibition of some kind in there cellar door. Cargo Road Wines Cargo Rd, Orange NSW

Watch the video and photos below for a more thorough description.

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