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Art for Penrith Panthers

25-04-2014 | Category :

We were so proud to be part of such a decadent and cheeky refurbishment for Dom’s Cocktail Lounge in 2014.

Tell me who would create a super sized bird cage as the stage or lingerie dressed mannequins behind glass in the men’s toilets, in front of the urinals to be specific.

The highly creative Richie Stevens would from Inside Out Designs.

Then of course there is my cheeky art to add just a tad more spice into this suggestive environment.

In total four very large Loviz art tile installations were erected, one of the tiled artworks reached a whopping 10 metres in length and forms the face of the bar itself. Then the other three are of lusciously emotive women dressed under 3 light filled arches.

It is a “must go to” kind of place at least once in your life, and the cocktails are really amazing.
The pics below tell the story the best.

Doms loo

Panthers Opening Night (5)

Panthers Opening Night (2)

Panthers Opening Night (4)

Doms lounge



doms bar

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