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I am Tanya Loviz, the artist of cheeky love. Not the soppy, love-song type, but the kind that takes a firm hold of you and wraps its arms around the “whole” human experience. It’s the kind of love that finds the good in the so called “bad” – the “naughty” – which so often is the most fun.

Well, this has become my specialty. It comes from letting the paint talk through me and show how adorable our flaws can be. You know the ones…those imperfections that society tells us to reject in favour of something far less real, and definitely less CHEEKY.

It also comes from being able to laugh at yourself..being a mother, a lover, a friend, a daughter, from falling, getting up, and simply observing, but most of all letting the paint talk through me.

It’s in the paint that it all makes sense, this is where the ability to totally trust the creative process forever grows, showing truth and acceptance of all that we are in a light-hearted tone. Always, a lighthearted tone! It’s the cheeky lightness I embrace in my life that shines through my paintings and, hopefully, touches your heart. And lands a smile on your cheeks. Gotta love the process of life…of love…is.

Tanya Loviz is an Australian artist based in the majestic, world heritage-listed Blue Mountains. Now, after more than 25 years of experience, boasting 40 solo exhibitions and a staggering collection of over 1,600 paintings and matching poetry, she is recognised internationally and embraced locally as being a truly unique and gifted artist.

Tanya’s exciting genre of art has earned the label of CHEEKism – an art philoshopy she has proudly established to recognise such a truly inimitable and original style. Tanya strongly believes this philosophy extends beyond the realms of art and embraces CHEEKism as a life philosophy as well.

“Why do I paint? I love it, love it, looooove it, and am totally obsessed by it. Art fills me like nothing else can. My mission if any is to spread cHeeKy love around the world through paint, words & kisses”, Tanya Loviz.

OK, but who is Tanya Loviz REALLY?

Artist (22)Well, it’s fair to say it all started when Tanya was about 10 and a budding artist. Her initial artistic pursuits were mermaids – yes, even before the days of the Australian TV hit H2O, girls loved mermaids – with beautiful, big, curvaceous butts funnelling in to a delicate waist.

The reaction of family and friends to her creations were a life-changer. The smiles she brought to their faces brought joy to her own heart. Which unwittingly triggered what has become a life-long pursuit – to produce cheeky art that simply makes people happier for having viewed it.

There’s naturally far more to this story, but probably the best way to fully appreciate it is by reading the history of CHEEKism – which is as much the history of Tanya as it is the history of an art philosophy.

With a rebellious yet adventurous heart, following high school she pursued many odd jobs while travelling – always with her trusty art folder tucked under her arm. From there, as they say, the rest is history…

WARNING: Tanya’s art is highly addictive, injecting constant moments of ‘feel-good pleasure’ whenever you pass by. As a result, it is impossible to stop at just one and many people have become collectors over time – especially when there are so many rooms in a house!


 Art Projects, Events & Ventures

2014 Art for Penrith Panthers  | Four very large Loviz art tile installations erected in the newly renovated ‘Dom’s Cocktail Lounge’ inside of Penrith Panthers Club. Read Article>>

2014 Autumn Artfest Art Wine Labels | Released as a fund-raiser for Winmalee High School featuring Loviz Art images and group show. Read Article>>

2014 Arty Parties | Launched for Loviz Arts Members, where people live the art and see the masterpieces that they are in the gallery. Read Article>>

2013 Bushfire Initiative – DONATIING $100,000 worth of art to help raise funds for the bushfire victims in her area and started the “Let’s ROCC”  initiative (Rebuild our community colourfully) Read Article>>

2013 Official Artist for Blue Mountains Crossings | Tanya was appointed as the official artist for the Blue Mountains Bicentenary Crossings and Australia’s largest civilian Flyover 2013. Read Article>>

2012 P&O PRINCESS Ships  | Tanya’s artworks hop on board the P&O Princess Ships, reproductions of select paintings  being sold exclusively by them. Read Article>>

2012 Event held by Tanya “Bring your Bubbles on Board Ball” | This was an elaborate Ball and exhibition with various activities, performers and a feast for all senses held at The Carrington Hotel, Katoomba, NSW Australia. Read Article >>

2012 Art Wine Label “Launch of new Art Wine Label” | Cargo Road Wines Gallery NSW Australia (yet another Loviz artwork landed onto a Cargo Road Wines Wine bottle this year). Read Article >>

2012 Events held by Tanya “Various mini events” | Hunter Valley & Blue Mountains, NSW (where select people helped Tanya bring her paintings to life by living the art).

2011 Event held by Tanya “In Bed with Loviz” | Where 13 Muses where captured in paint by Tanya as a Liberating event for women celebrating their curves, held in the Hunter Valley NSW  Read Article >>

2011 Deep Roots Tour | Travelled throughout Croatia & Italy meeting her family and exploring a deeper understanding of historic roots by visiting the places where her parents grew up.

2010 Event held by Tanya “Immortalised in Paint” | Carrington Hotel, Blue Mountains NSW (21 Muses where captured in paint by Tanya as a spectacular event spending 2 weekends at the grand old Carrington Hotel in Katoomba NSW). Read Article >>

2010 Event held by Tanya  “UNLEASHED” | An event to unleash the cheekiness within everyone, encouraging dress ups and living the art at this very unique exhibition. Read Article >>

2009 Art Wine Labels | Noonji Estate uses Loviz image on wine- Hunter Valley NSW Australia

2009 Art Wine Labels | Kelman Estate uses Loviz image on wine- Hunter Valley NSW Australia

2008 Book Release | Tanya self-publishes her first book “Loviz Kisses”.

2007 Travelled around Australia for one year in a motor home, collecting 25,000 photos and just as many experiences for inspiration for life.

2005 Art Wine Labels  | Commissioned to created 8 new art wine labels for Cargo Road Wines. Read Article >>

2002 Commissioned to create 100 artworks for Giclee art reproductions for Artevo Gallery in Canada. Read Article >>

1997 Liverpool Hospital Ceiling Mural “Flight” | Tanya  painted the ceiling of the Peri operatory Holding rooms.

1997 Grant for teaching “Art for Tomorrow” | Teaching how to turn recycled materials into art.

1997 Grant for teaching | Teaching a 16 week course on Drawing the Human figure.

1997 Grant for Teaching | Large banner project for people with disabilities, and multiple classes continued, spanning over 3 years.

1994 – 1998 TEACHING ART | With recycling group Reverse Garbage, taught people how to turn industrial waste into art. Read Article >>

1992 Selected for Art Committee | The Youth Arts & Skills Festival 1992 which distributed $40 000 to various groups for art projects

1992 Founder of  “ART ON TAP” an arts group consisting of over 50 artists generating more art activity in the area | This involved Volunteer Co-ordination for, Forming a committee, 3 Framing Workshops, Sculpture Workshop, Aerosol Art workshop, 3 Painting & Sculpture Exhibitions, Dance Performance, Children’s Art Session, Lecture on Committee roles, and Tanya produced the Recycled Paper Performance which was shown on Channel 10, it included the manufacturing of the backdrop, a 2 metre puppet, props and costumes. Read Article >>

1988 – 1991 Travelling, painting & working abroad with art folder & paint under her arm, expanding awareness and explorations of the world, Egypt, Mexico, Jamaica, Singapore, UK, USA, France, The Netherlands and even including a season at Perisher.

Solo Exhibitions

2016 “Cheers…to Life!” | Loviz Arts Online Gallery

2015 “Loviz Unmasked” | Loviz Arts Gallery NSW Australia

2015 “Loviz in the Air” | Loviz Arts Gallery NSW Australia

2014 “Coffee with Angels” | Loviz Arts Gallery NSW Australia

2014 “Hand Touched works” | Pigges Peak Vineyard NSW Australia

2014 “Hand Touched”  | Cargo Road Wines Gallery NSW Australia

2013 “Come Fly with Me” | Old Block Factory Gallery, NSW Australia

2013 “Blossoming” |  Cargo Road Wines Gallery NSW Australia

2013 “Crystal Liquids” | Pigges Peak Vineyard NSW Australia

2012 “Food Glorious Food” | Loviz Arts Studio Gallery NSW Australia

2012 “Bring your Bubbles on Board” | The Carrington Hotel, Katoomba, NSW Australia

2012 “There’s Angels…and then there’s…No Angels!”  | Cargo Road Wines Gallery NSW Australia

2011 “In Bed with Loviz & mixed works” | Tanya Loviz Studio Gallery NSW Australia

2010 “Immortalised in Paint” | Tanya Loviz Gallery NSW Australia

2010 “UNLEASHED” | Gold Door Gallery NSW Australia

2010 “LUSHusLY”  | Lush n Loud Gallery NSW Australia

2009 “Jenolan Caves Series” | Jenolan Caves NSW Australia

2009 “Sweet Presen(t)ce” | Tanya Loviz Gallery NSW Australia

2009 “Bring OUT the Bubbles” |Tamburlaine Vineyard NSW Australia

2008 “Blame it on the Bubbles” | Hunter Gallery NSW Australia

2008 “Oz Wildflowers” | Cargo Road Wines NSW Australia

2008 “Hold onto Your Nuts” | Tanya Loviz Gallery NSW Australia

2006 “Phoenix” | Tanya Loviz Gallery NSW Australia

2006 “Mixed works” | Katoomba Wines Gallery NSW Australia

2005 “The Power of the Naughty Pussy” | The Artists gallery NSW Australia

2005 “A Classically Driven Drop” | Cargo Road Winery NSW Australia

2005 ”Beach Bums” | Katoomba Wines Gallery NSW Australia

2004 “Music Works” | Signature Gallery United Kingdom

2004 “Evocative” | Frog Rock Winery NSW Australia

2004 “The Sound of Liquid Kisses” | Katoomba Wines Gallery NSW Australia

2004 “Emus in the Clouds” | Katoomba Wines Gallery NSW Australia

2004 “Spilling across the edges” with Jeff Beier | Calgary CANADA

2003 “Out of the Box” | Katoomba wines Gallery NSW Australia

2003 “Music, fine vines and a damn good time” | Cargo Road Winery NSW Australia

2002  Commissioned to create 100 artworks | Artevo Gallery CANADA

2001 “Just paint as one” | Chocolate Dog Cafe NSW Australia

2001 “The fun of art” | Gallery cafe NSW Australia

2001 “Cum on, sex is ok” | Corelli’s Cafe NSW Australia

2001 “Let your music play” | Green Iguana Cafe Australia

2001 “Let’s paint as one” | Lou Jacks Cafe NSW Australia

2001 “Continuous reflections” | Pj’s Cafe NSW Australia

1996 “Meet me Above the clouds” | School of Arts Building NSW Australia

1994 “Mixed works” | Spanish Deli Café, NSW Australia

1993 “Travelling” | Old Papa’s Café, W.A. Australia

1992 “The Energy of Ecstasy through the eye of Jupiter” | School of Arts Building NSW Australia

Group Exhibitions

 2014 “Autumn Artfest” | Winmalee High school, NSW Australia

2005 “Group show” | Art Gallery Collections QLD Australia

2000 “Living without Violence” group show | Parramatta heritage Centre NSW Australia

1999 “Group show” | North Sydney Fine art NSW Australia

1998 “Liverpool City Art Prize” group show | Casula Powerhouse NSW Australia

1997 “Oooh La La Art Spectacular group | NSW Australia

1996 “Canned” Group | Casula PowerHouse Australia

1995 “Le Donne” | City Council Chambers, NSW Australia

1992  “Trees on Tap” Group | Liverpool Bicentennial Museum NSW Australia

1992 “Global Tap” Group | Franciss Greenway Centre NSW Australia

1992 “Open Tap” Group | City Council NSW Australia


LIFE!  as it always seems to be throwing us big lessons!

2001 PSYCHOLOGY OF THE SELVES & VOICE DIALOGUE  | The Australian Institute for Relational Training Read Article >>

2001 COLOUR THERAPY | Nature care College

2001 MUSIC THERAPY | Nature care College

2001 YOGA & MEDITATION | Nature Care College

2001 HOLISTIC COUNSELLING | Nature Care College

2001 SUBTLE ANATOMY | Nature Care College

2000 SPIRITUALLITY IN ART Nature Care College

2000 MEDITATION 2 | Nature Care College

1999 ANATOMY & PHYSIOLOGY | Nature Care College

1992 FINE ARTS COURSE | Considered a self-taught Artist as study in art was only for 6 months in a Fine Arts Course at T.A.F.E.

1986 SYDNEY COLLEGE OF THE ARTS Chosen to attend Summer School for Talented Senior High Students at City Art Institute (now known at Sydney college of the Arts) NSW Australia


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