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It’s a little bit naughty…butt…lots and loooooots of fun…because life should be just a bit cheeky and my colourful artworks always remind you to celebrate that. Over the 25 years of me painting, I have developed a very unique, multi-layered style in texture and in meaning, many adorned with natural crystals, glossy glazes, hidden secrets, personal messages and so much more. I paint because it’s a gift that fills me like nothing else can, and I’d love to share it with you.




A-MUSE-me Event

21st APRIL  10AM-4PM  
A rare opportunity to be a Loviz Muse. Let your feathers fly free & your animal print run wild as Tanya will capture you with the camera as inspiration for the upcoming Be WILD…Be FREE…Be ME Exhibition. Tanya is hearing the call of the wild, with the jungle drums demanding her to paint! Share your wild painting ideas and stories with Tanya to become a part of the process of creativity.



Three Fly Free


Be WILD…Be FREE…Be ME Competition 

Tanya is seeking inspiring muses for her latest exhibition Be…WILD…Be FREE…Be ME and wants to explore how the WILD, and how being WILD impacts people’s lives. Send us your ideas, images and/or stories, via Facebook or email, for your chance to take home a $500 gift voucher.





“I love my painting, I just love it and as I said the lights on the paintings make it look fantastic” 

Angela Elliot



“Just a quick note to tell you of my pure delight at getting my painting home and putting her on the wall.  ‘Dessert Rose’ looks absolutely amazing.  The picture winks and smiles at me all day. The colours are a perfect match and really suit our bedroom.  The hues and colours change with different lightings that come into the room and of course which lighting I choose to put on and with that so does the story that the painting tells.  I just love it so much. Also my husband Warwick thinks it is fabulous too, as do friends that have been up  to have a look. 

Thank you so much and I will be sure to stay in touch.  Happy painting!!!”

Chris Murray xxxx



“I absolutely love your work, every time I see one of your pieces it makes me smile, it makes me want to be right there in the picture, like there is that little thing missing in my life and there it is you capture it in every piece 🙂🙂 Thank you for making my day with every piece you post”

Michelle Oehlert

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